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Welcome to the All Shall Fade guild website. If you’re a returning guild member then welcome back to the site.  If you’re thinking about joining the guild or want to know more please go to the Horde side of the Hyjal server and whisper Issy.  While on the site please treat others with respect and enjoy the site. If you have any site related questions please ask Issy or Sean (Zodiara). Comments and suggestions are welcome.

For some of us, raiding is more than simply playing a game...
It's our outlet, our escape...
It's our way of taking time out of our busy lives for two nights a week to come together...
Building strong ties of Unity and Friendship...
That enables us to efficiently accomplish extraordinary goals.

Take two nights of your week, to overcome tremendous challenges...
And form incrediable friendships.

Sit up straight and focus. Push yourself further and harder.

*Saturday, July 18th, 2015*

Due to extensive issues maintaining a raid roster, a general lack of intrest in raiding this tier, real life issues, and a dwindling server population, we have no choice but to suspend official guild raiding activity for an indefinite period.

There are currently no concrete plans to continue recruitment within the scope of this raid tier. Once the next expansion is announced, and hype starts to build again, we will likely reopen recruitment and rebuild a dedicated roster. But as of now, recruitment efforts were overwhelmingly unsuccessful, and a dedicated core team is unsustainable. Some of us will be here regardless, running dungeons, PvP'ing and working on clearing challenge modes, but we will no longer be raiding as a guild.

We would like to thank those of you who stuck it out with us through all this time. We had great fun and success at many points, most notably Highmaul progression. Friendships were made, laughter was had, and bosses were destroyed. We understand if those of you remaining choose to move on and find a spot in a successful raid group elsewhere, but we also hope to see you again in the future, and hope we have the opportunity to kill more raid bosses together down the road.

All Shall Fade will make a return to raiding one day, and this is a promise. Until then, we wish everyone good luck with thier future endeavors, and thank you all for the great fun we had together. See you soon!

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